Hildon Sparkling Spring Water (330ml)

Hildon Sparkling Spring Water (330ml)

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Hildon is bottled directly at source on the Hildon Estate, a protected, 160-acre-large area nestled within the famous Test Valley in the heart of Hampshire.

Having filtered through 7 layers of bedrock 140m-deep over a period of 50 years, Hildon is left entirely untreated for pure, clean flavour - just as nature intended.

Hildon is served only in some of the most prestigious establishments worldwide as the perfect accompaniment to the most demanding gastronomical tastings and events, including The British Royal Household, Harrods, The Royal Opera House, The Waterside Inn (the longest-running 3-Star Michelin restaurant in the UK since 1985), Fortnum & Mason and The Caviar House.

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Tasting Notes

Hints of British chalk, a smooth water with slight chalky minerally notes

Nature of Source
Natural Mineral Water (EU Certified)
Good for
Minerals for Wellness

Mineral Level

Taste Intensity


Sparkling Intensity