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What do we Do?


First in Singapore to conduct Water Tasting courses — from our Signature 3-hour crash course that summarises all the essentials to Corporate Water Tasting seminars up to a full 2-week certification programme accredited by Doemens Academy.

Yes, you got that right. We teach you how to drink water and understand what exactly you are drinking — the right way.


We specially source and curate the finest waters or most outstanding brands from around the world and import them into Singapore. We supply directly to corporate businesses, as well as end-consumers directly on our e-commerce website.

Also, check out our fine water vending machines all around Singapore!

Our Story

It began when the founder of T.W.S., Sam Wu, was awarded his Water Sommelier Certification by Doemens Academy, Germany in mid-2018.

There, he was impressed by how the Europeans supplemented their health, epicurean and lifestyle needs with an endless variety of local natural mineral waters.

This was a stark contrast to the dominance of purified water, limited selection of natural mineral water brands, and marketing misinformation prevalent back home.

Determined to change this, The Water Sommelier was established in early 2019 to empower individuals with the right knowledge and joy of the world's finest waters.

Our Brands


Awarded as the ‘Best Sparkling Water in the World’, Harrogate is recognised not only for its exceptional mineral balance and purity, but also for its distinctive, classically British style.

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The Quality of Hildon comes from over 50 years of natural filtration through the chalk hills of the Test Valley, deep in the Hampshire countryside.

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In Lofoten you can still drink pure, unpolluted fresh water directly from mountain lakes, like those living there thousands of years ago once did and the local inhabitants still do.

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