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What do we Do?

How does one taste water? Think water is JUST water?

Discover new facets about water and be amazed by what your taste buds can uncover with our novel Water Tasting experience – exclusively with Singapore’s very first Certified Water Sommelier! Click here for more!

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We import and distribute some of the World’s finest natural mineral water brands in Singapore. Click here for more!

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Our Story

Like most Singaporeans, Sam grew up on Tap water and had never really cared nor thought much about water.
This all changed when the opportunity came and he enrolled in the Water Sommelier Certification course by Doemens Academy, Germany, in 2018. There, he learnt properties about water that most people do not yet know of – not even the internet and discovered so many amazing brands that have been enjoyed by the Europeans for decades, even centuries!

So mind-blowing was the experience that it inspired him to make it his career to share it with the World. With this vision in mind, The Water Sommelier was established in 2019.

Our Brands

One of the “Greenest” in the market with >50% recycled materials in its packaging. Proudly British.

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Water fit for Royalty – the only brand in the World awarded the Royal Warrant of Appointment by HM The Queen.

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Vichy Catalan

Spain’s No 1 Sparkling natural mineral water renowned for its gastronomical taste and health benefits since 1881…

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Featured Water
Hildon Spring Water

Experience the very water supplied officially to the British Royal family. Available now in Still and Sparkling.

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