The Finest Brands


Hildon is one of the most prestigious Natural Mineral Water brands in the World.

As the only water brand awarded the highly coveted RoyalWarrant of Appointment by HM The Queen, Hildon is served only in the finest establishments like Harrods, The Waterside Inn ( Star Michelin), Fortnum & Mason and The Royal Opera House.

Recommended by the World's leading wine sommeliers, Hildon is the perfect fine wine accompaniment for the most demanding tastings.

The quality of Hildon comes from over 50 years of natural filtration deep beneath the chalk hills of the Test Valley, far within the Hampshire countryside. It is bottled entirely untreated - just as nature intended, for pure, clean flavour, deserving only for the finest of palates.

Vichy Catalan

For thousands of years, the best-known mineral water from the spa town of Caldes de Malavella in Spain is celebrated for its naturally carbonated mineral water, famed for its delicious taste, unique sensory qualities and health benefits.

In 1881, famed physician Dr. Modest Furest Roca scientifically validated the mineral and medicinal properties of the water. The naturally carbonated spring water contains 27 of the 34 minerals that the human body needs for good health. The iconic Vichy Catalan was born and shared with the rest of the world.

The Water Sommelier is the official distributor for Vichy Catalan in Singapore.