About Us

At The Water Sommelier, we see water as more than a necessity, it is an intricate blend of art, science, and an endless source of pleasure.

Founded by Mr. Sam Wu, Singapore’s First Certified Water Sommelier, our venture was sparked by a deep-seated passion to transform the way we perceive and savor water.

Our dedicated team takes great pride in meticulously curating and presenting the world's most exquisite natural mineral waters. Whether you are seeking a hydration solution for daily use, sports, parties, exploring Water Tasting Masterclasses, or even extending our expertise to create water menus for our esteemed F&B Partners, we are here for you. Our mission is to guide you in selecting the perfect water choices, elevating every aspect of your water experience.

Join us on this journey of water exploration, where each sip unfolds into a unique experience, and passion blending with the core of hydration.

Let's redefine the art of appreciating water.

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