About Us

Who We Are

The Water Sommelier is Singapore’s 1st Fine Water Distribution and Education company.

Our Vision

For people to think about The Water Sommelier when they think about water.

Our Mision

(1) To bring the World’s finest waters to our customers.

(2) Empower people with the right knowledge about water.

Our Story

Like most Singaporeans, Sam, the founder of The Water Sommelier, grew up on boiled tap water and bought the cheapest brands from the supermarket. The truth was he never really cared nor thought much about water.

This all changed when he left for the UK for his studies. He realised he could not stomach UK Tap water without filtering, twice! He found himself going extreme lengths to buy his favourite water – often lugging cases home from the local supermarket. Yet, whenever he was challenged about his obsession, he struggled to justify how one water could taste better than another.

Fast forward many years later, his search for an answer would lead him to enrol in Doemens Academy in Germany in 2018 for the Water Sommelier Certification course. The experience changed his life forever. For what he learnt was so mind blowing and important that he decided to make it his life’s mission and career to share it with the world.

Thus, The Water Sommelier was established in 2019 – to help people understand what exactly they are drinking and to bring the best waters from around the world back to his beloved country. He has never looked back since…

Helsinki, Finland
What We Do

We are the 1st in Singapore to conduct Water Tasting courses - from our signature 3-hour crash course to Private Tastings to Corporate Water Tasting seminars. We will soon launch S.E.A’s 1st Water Sommelier Certification programme accredited by Doemens Academy in 2021.


We are the official distributors of Hildon, Harrogate and Vichy Catalan in Singapore. We supply to Horeca and directly to the end-consumer via e-commerce and water vending machines!