The art of water tasting elevates one’s sensory palate in pursuit of self-betterment.

Let Singapore’s pioneer certified Water Sommelier, Mr Sam Wu take you on a sensory trip to the world’s finest water springs. Sam translates the knowledge from the prestigious Doemens Academy in Germany into fun and engagement, tailored for his attendees.

The Water Sommelier’s water tasting masterclass is open to all members of the public for private booking. Let us explore, appreciate and experience Mother Nature’s most valuable gift - The World’s Finest Waters.

Corporate & Social Events

1.5 - 2 hours.

2 - 8pax (min 2/class).

20 Cecil Street, PLUS, #08-03, Singapore 049705


Tasting Experience

Sensory cultivation with natural waters from the finest springs around the world, and commercially distilled waters.

Sensory appreciation with finest still and sparkling mineral waters across the mineral spectrum.

Taste and differentiate from more than 20 brands of the finest waters from around the world.

Class Fees

$159++ (per 2 pax) | $89++ (per 1 pax)

Class Schedule
To be scheduled.

With respect to the Covid situation in Singapore, all tasting sessions will be scheduled and conducted according to the prevailing guidelines.


My closest friends surprised me with a bachelorette party at The Water Sommelier, knowing my profound love for drinking water! We had an incredible time and left feeling genuinely enlightened about water. I highly recommend signing up for the masterclass!

Melissa Wee