Hildon Still Spring Water

Hildon Still Spring Water

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Bottled at source on the Hildon Estate in the heart of Hampshire in South England, the natural mineral water of Hilton was awarded the Royal Warrant of Appointment to The Queen of England. Prized for its naturally untreated purity with clean flavour, Hilton is an assurance of authenticity, quality and provenance. It is beneficial to health, free from pollution, and naturally low in sodium.

Water profile: Still & Effervescent, Good virginality, Medium mineral content, Alkaline pH 7.2, TDS 312 mg/l, Hardness 124 mg/l, Nitrate 6 mg/l, Calcium 97 mg/l, Magnesium 1.7 mg/l, Sodium 7.7 mg/l, Potassium 1 mg/l, Silica 19 mg/l, Bicarbonate 136 mg/l, Sulfate 4 mg/l, Chloride 16 mg/l.

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Tasting Notes

Hints of British chalk, a smooth water with slight chalky minerally notes

Nature of Source
Natural Mineral Water (EU Certified)
Good for
Minerals for Wellness

Mineral Level

Taste Intensity