Solán de Cabras Spring Water

Solán de Cabras Spring Water

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The Solán de Cabras spring is located in the heart of the Spanish Serraníade Cuenca mountains, 950m above sea level and far from any source of contamination. 

Every precious drop takes over 3,600 years to emerge naturally from the spring.

Legend has it that the name Solán de Cabras comes from a goat herder who noticed that his ailing goats were cured by drinking the water that bubbled out of the spring.

The Romans revered this water so much that in 1775, King Carlos III built the Solán de Cabras Baths for pilgrims seeking cures for a multitude of ailments, subsequently declaring the spring a Royal Site in 1790 

Today, Solán de Cabras is recognised for its purity and iconic blue bottle. Its low minerality and sodium content, coupled with an optimal calcium-magnesium ratio makes the water renowned for being one of the most healthy, balanced and stable mineral waters available.

Solán de Cabras is also the Official Water for the Real Madrid football club.

Solán de Cabras PET SKUs are one of the most sustainable in the market and made from 100% rPET.

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Tasting Notes

Hints of British chalk, a smooth water with slight chalky minerally notes

Nature of Source
Natural Mineral Water (EU Certified)
Good for
Minerals for Wellness

Mineral Level

Taste Intensity